Get ValQ

A step-by-step guide to get started on ValQ

You can try ValQ for free or purchase licenses through the two ways listed below:

  1. Microsoft AppSource - for seamless license procurement and administration using Microsoft's framework and for use in Power BI Desktop and Service.

  2. ValQ website - for free trials without credit card, license purchase for use in Power BI Report Server, or for Embedded or OEM applications.

1. Microsoft AppSource

Free trials are available through Microsoft AppSource only for certain pricing tiers.

  • To download a free version (only for Power BI Desktop), follow the steps here.

  • To purchase and manage licenses through Microsoft AppSource, read this blog.

  • For FAQs on Microsoft AppSource purchase, visit this page.

2. ValQ Website

You can also register for a trial through the ValQ website.

a) Download ValQ

If you have registered for a trial or paid subscription to ValQ via Microsoft AppSource, the visual is already embedded with a unique dynamically generated license key and you can start using ValQ right away.

In case you have registered for a trial via ValQ website, you will receive an email with a license key and a link containing the steps to download the visual from AppSource.

b) Install ValQ

There are 2 different methods to deploy ValQ in Power BI:

2.1. Install for yourself

  • You can use this option to install the visual on your own in Power BI desktop or service, without help from your IT or Power BI administrator.

For instructions, visit this page.

2.2. Install for your Organization (Organizational Visual)

  • Under this option, your Power BI Administrator uploads ValQ to the Organizational Custom Visual (OCV).

  • Once uploaded, the custom visual becomes available to all users within your organization who log on to Power BI. They need not have to individually install or update visuals.

  • Any future updates done to the visual – when uploaded to the repository by the administrator – will automatically update all the reports in your organization.

For instructions, visit this page.

Troubleshooting FAQ

1. 'I haven't received the welcome email'.

Make sure there are no spelling mistakes/typos in the mail ID used for the registration.

Check your spam folder or whitelist

If that doesn’t work, reach out to your IT team and ask them to whitelist the domain at the firewall level. You will start receiving subsequent emails from us in your inbox.

2. 'When I click elsewhere, the license key entered disappears/license key does not get accepted'

  • Before adding the license key, you need to assign at least one data field to the visual in the Power BI Visualisations pane. This preserves the key entered in the License Key field.

  • Please ensure the license key entered is still valid and has not expired.

If you still have difficulties, please contact us here or through mail.

If you have any other queries, reach out to us through ValQ Community. Paid customers can also send an email to the ValQ support team (mentioned in your purchase email).

In the next sections, we'll be looking at a step-by-step approach to working with ValQ.

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