Create Initiatives in a Scenario

Initiatives are particularly useful when multiple assumptions need to be simulated, either individually or in a desired combination, and evaluated based on their potential outcomes. They are quite effective for a quick and seamless scenario analysis as opposed to creating multiple scenarios for each of the combinations. This aids in strategic value driver planning.

How do Initiatives work?

  1. You can create many initiatives within one scenario.

  2. By default, the simulation impact of all the initiatives is included in a scenario.

  3. Choose to include or exclude required initiatives in a scenario to assess their individual/combined impact.

Use-cases and advantages of initiatives

  1. Create what-if scenarios for smaller organizational units as initiatives and merge them as required to understand the total impact. Alternatively, you can drill down a scenario by excluding a few initiatives to understand the unit-level impact.

  2. Simulate possible risks that can occur in the course of your project/business by adding them as initiatives within your base case/best case/worst case scenarios. This can help you in contingency planning.

  3. Multiple driver combinations can be simulated on the fly without having to start from scratch.

  4. Both micro-level and macro-level scenarios can be analyzed quickly.

Let us now see how to create and add them to the scenarios in the next section.

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