Add Notes

Save and organize key ideas, technical or business information and even informal notes that you can refer to later, by adding notes to specific nodes in the model.

Tree View

To add notes to a specific node, hover over the required node and click on the Add Note icon on the top right corner. Enter your note in the pop-up window and click Save to save it.​

Nodes with added notes are distinguished from other nodes by a triangular mark at the top right corner as shown below. On hovering your mouse over the node, you can view, edit or delete the notes.

Table View

In table view, hover your mouse over the Actions column beside the desired node and click on Add note icon to add a note.

Enter a note and click Save.

In table view, nodes with added notes are indicated as shown below.

View and Edit Notes

To get an overall view of all the notes added to a model as well as to edit or delete them, click on

Notes->Show All Notes on the navigation panel at the top.

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