Compare Scenarios

Multiple scenarios can be created, simulated and compared to perform scenario analysis. Click on Compare on the navigation panel to open the Scenario Comparison window.

In Scenario Comparison pop-up, all the scenarios are listed under the baseline using which it was created, and all the series including plan series are also available for comparison. Select the required scenarios and data series that you want to compare by checking them and then click Compare.

This opens the Compare Scenarios window where the top node value, KPIs, key inputs and simulation summary for all chosen scenarios and data series can be compared alongside each other.

The current or the active scenario is highlighted with a blue outline in the Compare Scenarios window.

Manage Scenarios

Click on Manage Scenarios to add or remove any existing scenarios and series.

Alternatively, you can click on the + icon to add an existing scenario or data series for comparison. Click on the bin icon to remove them from the comparison window.

Other features available in this window are highlighted in the below image.

Add KPI: Add any node as a KPI by clicking on +Add to compare.

Download Scenario Comparison

To export the scenario comparison data to Excel, click on Download as Excel option.

This not only exports the KPIs, Key Inputs and simulation summary as seen in the window but also all the node values in the model for the respective scenarios and series under comparison.

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