Allocation Features

Let's explore the different features available for planning and allocations.

ValQ provides multiple options to operate on the node values for accurate and effective planning. Primarily, planners are provided with 3 major options.

It is applicable when you are trying to update a node value which is derived using a complex formula. Such nodes can be updated only by changing one of its key drivers/input nodes.

Whenever you click and try to change such cells, Goal Seek option is automatically enabled in the Action menu and you can select it.

It is used to copy the value of a node to the remaining periods of the year- either as absolute copies or in an increasing/decreasing trend fashion.

Using Distribute, the total value of a node can be distributed horizontally to the periods of the year, as well as vertically to the descendant nodes (its dependencies).

The above Plan options are explained in detail in the upcoming sections.

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