Visualize the model in hierarchical tree/table, Run Simulations on-the-fly and Present them as interactive charts
Simulations help businesses make informed decisions by testing out different scenarios and see what the results would be. ValQ helps users create and compare multiple scenarios, perform an in-depth scenario analysis, visualize and present them to your team.
Simulate Tab showing a sample tree model

Highlights of Simulate tab:

  • Simulate on-the-fly and perform what-if analysis
  • Create and compare multiple scenarios
  • Assign important nodes as KPIs and key inputs to track progress
  • Identifying the key drivers of performance
  • Evaluate performance against a benchmark
  • Present the simulation results for multiple scenarios
  • Add notes for your reference.
  • Comment, Share & Collaborate with your team
  • Export the scenarios to other BI sources for analysis
  • Writeback data and comments to the source(files, SharePoint, databases, etc.)
Comments, Collaboration, Export and Writeback features are available in ValQ Enterprise Edition
Let us see the steps to create and manage scenarios for effective value driver planning and the insights we can gain from it.