Manage Template Nodes

The 'Manage Template Nodes' pop-up shows all the templated nodes used in the model, including their name, whether they have replaced the nodes or were added as new nodes, and a list of actions to select from.

The number on the icon indicates the total number of templates applied in the model. In the example below, there are two templates applied to the model - one to replace the nodes and one to add new nodes.


Another way to open the datasource node editor and edit the templates is to use the shortcut icon near the node name.

The following actions are possible through the DataSource Node Editor window.

Add/Edit/Delete Template Rules

  1. Add a new template to the model by clicking Add Rule to configure that template into the model.

  1. Edit the applied templates.

  • You can change the template using the 'Select Template' dropdown.

  • To edit the level at which the template is applied, click on the 'Select Level' dropdown.

  • Templates can be applied to all the nodes or specific nodes using the filter.

  1. Re-apply to different nodes using filter conditions.

  • Edit the Category and Member fields to change the filter conditions.

  • Add more than one filter condition and combine them using AND/OR operators.

  1. You can delete a specific template by clicking on Delete beside that template rule.

In case of multiple template rules applied to the model, if they overlap, the latest added rule overrides the previous rules.

Remove Template from the model

To remove the template completely and revert the model to its initial state, click on the bin icon that appears next to the applied template.

This option removes only the template references from the model and does not delete the actual template that had been created.

The template would still be available in the Templates window.

Alternatively, to delete the actual template, it is mandatory to remove its references from the model first, by using this option.

Copy Template Rules to Dynamic Children

In case of dynamic children being added to the model (adding new nodes from data), you can apply the existing template rules to them.

Click on the Copy rule icon beside the template that you want to copy.

In the pop-up that opens, choose the dynamic nodes to which the existing template rules are to be applied. Click Apply.

This applies the templates to the newly added dynamic child nodes.

You can also click on the 'data source node editor' icon beside the node to configure a template for it manually.

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