Manage Scenarios

Edit a Scenario

To change the scenario's title and add an optional description click on the three dots and choose Edit.

This opens the Edit Scenario window where you can enter or change the title and description. Click Apply.

The baseline series once set for a scenario can not be edited. To simulate a new baseline series, either create a new scenario or use the Duplicate option.

Duplicate Scenario

To duplicate an existing scenario into a new one, choose Duplicate on the three dots menu.

Enter a title and select a new baseline series if required and then click Create.

While duplicating a scenario, you can select a new baseline series from the Select Baseline dropdown list so that all the simulation steps are recreated, but essentially on a new baseline series.

Export Scenario

You can export and download a scenario to your local system so that it can be imported again for future use whenever required.

This opens a pop-up where you can choose to have an expanded hierarchical format or along with an Expand/Collapse option in the hierarchical format. After choosing, click Export and Download.

Delete Scenario

To delete a scenario, choose Delete on the menu.

Click Confirm on the pop-up to delete it.

Reset Simulation

To remove the simulation on a specific node click on the bin icon on the node/cell or on the 'x' icon on the simulation summary.

To remove all the applied simulations on a scenario and reset the model to its initial state click the Clear option on the navigation panel.

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