A NOT statement reverses the value of the condition. For example, it returns TRUE if the condition is FALSE and FALSE if the condition is TRUE.




ArgumentData typeDescription


Node reference, Formula

The condition to be evaluated

Return Value

Either True or False.


Consider the below scenario in which an employee is eligible for Sales Bonus if Total Sales is greater than the Sales Goal. Sales Bonus is calculated as the product of Bonus% and Total Sales.

To achieve this, the following formula should be written on the [Sales Bonus] node:

IF(NOT([Total Sales]>[Sales Goal]),0,[Bonus %]*[Total Sales])


Here, the condition Total Sales > Sales Goal is TRUE for Jan, but NOT function negates it and returns FALSE. Hence the argument value for FALSE condition which is "Bonus% * Total Sales" is calculated. For all TRUE condition, its matching argument 0 is the result.

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