Enabling Driver Based Plan

You can choose to switch between the driver-based planning approach and the standard planning approach.

To create a driver-based plan while adding a new plan series, check the option 'Enable Driver based Planning' in the Create a Plan pop-up window.

You can also change to a driver-based plan mid-way through your standard planning cycle by clicking the menu shown below and selecting Driver Based Plan.

On the contrary, switching back to the Standard Plan from the driver-based plan deletes all the applied configurations in the series.

After enabling driver-based planning, the plan window looks as shown below where you can configure the driver inputs.

You can click on the arrows to collapse/expand the driver inputs configuration columns for a better view.

Driver configuration options are available only for the leaf nodes to avoid conflicts between the top-down and bottom-up distributions.

Now you can configure the drivers as well as perform the standard allocations for your plan.


Nodes with driver-based inputs and nodes with one or more dependencies using driver-based inputs are disabled from the standard allocations or configurations.

In the below example, the Transport Cost node is disabled for any allocations as it already has a driver-based input (HC node) impacting it.

Company A and Overall Result nodes are also disabled for configurations as their dependency node Transport Cost has a driver-based input. All other nodes can be configured or allocated as required.

Subsequent driver based plans can be created newly or can be copied from existing plans.

To copy the driver configurations (and the values, if required) you can select the options as shown below while creating a plan.

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