Bulk Configuration of Drivers

Configuring drivers for multiple nodes

  1. To configure drivers for multiple nodes at once, click Configure Drivers->Bulk Configure.

  1. Check on the required nodes to select them all together as shown below.

  1. Click on the Editor Driver Inputs option in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen which opens the Bulk Edit window.

  1. In the window, you can configure the driver, the driver method, the input value type and the distribution method (if applicable) for the drivers selected. Click Apply.

This way, multiple nodes can be configured simultaneously with the same driver and the driver method. The input values can then be entered for each of the nodes separately as required.

Configuring Template Nodes

For models consisting of templates, driver configuration for the template nodes can be done using this option.

The user is given a pop-up window to configure the template nodes once, after which ValQ automatically assigns the respective driver nodes for each level based on the lineage.

i.e., suppose the Sales(node) is the driver of the Other Income template node. By configuring it only once as shown in the below example, all the regions' respective Sales node is configured as the driver for the corresponding region's Other Income node.

  1. Click Configure Drivers->Configure Driver in Template.

  1. A pop-up window that contains all the templates and template nodes in the model opens.

  1. Configure the driver inputs for the required template nodes by keying in the driver node name, the driver method, the input value, and the distribution (if applicable).

  1. Click Apply. All the template nodes would be configured at once, based on their respective source keys as shown below.

Can I use the Bulk Configure option for the template nodes? What is the difference between bulk configure and configure driver in template?

-Bulk Configure configures multiple nodes (similar or different named nodes), with the same driver from the same series and lineage.

-Use the Configure Driver in Template option to specifically configure template nodes. This ensures that the driver nodes are chosen from their respective lineage.

Reset Drivers and Values

  1. To reset all the driver configurations, choose Configure Drivers->Reset->Reset Driver.

  2. To reset only the input values configured in the driver while retaining other information, choose Configure Drivers->Reset->Reset Values.

  1. To reset the driver inputs in the template nodes, choose Configure Drivers->Reset->Reset Template.

  • Choose the required nodes and click Reset which resets the driver configurations in the selected template nodes. Check Reset Only Values to reset only the input values.

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